Fortune Fish


Aquariums in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, Fish are regarded as Symbols of good fortune and abundant wealth.
An Aquarium placed correctly, can act as a medium to generate positive energy.





Feng Shui Elements in an Aquarium

Metal – Gold Fish/ Metallic Structure

Wood - Plants and Driftwood

Water – Water in the Tank

Fire – Lighting in the Tank

Earth – Substrate, Sand, Soil and Stones



Placing of the Aquarium

North – Successful Career in Life
East – Good Health & Smooth Family Life
South – Fame & Good Reputation
West – Benefits Children & Creativity
South East – Wealth & Prosperity
South West – Love & Relationships
North East – Knowledge & Wisdom
North West – Travel, Helpful People



Feng Shui Fish


Most popular and effective Feng Shui wealth fish, also called as the Dragon fish.
Has distinct dragon like barbels and shiny scales that resemble the powerful and mythical dragon.
Signifies prosperity, wealth, successful business, strength, good luck, happiness and power.
Placing this fish helps to drive away evil spirits and bad luck.






The Flowerhorn fish was declared by Feng Shui experts as the Feng Shui fish of the period eight, i.e from the year 2004 to 2024.
The Flowerhorn is said to be able to draw and attract good energy from the environment.
The Flower Horn is said to bring its owner lots of prosperity luck and good fortune in everything.



Keeping 9 Gold Fish in the aquarium (8 red ones and one black) is said to absorb all bad and negative energies and bring abundant wealth to the household.
A dead fish signifies bad luck absorbed that otherwise would have caused troubles at home.
The Fish represent love and happiness as well as abundance of wealth.